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The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe: Your Essential Guide to Trace Your Genealogy in Europe

The-Family-Tree-Guidebook-to-Europe--Your-Essential-Guide-to-Trace-Your-Genealogy-in-EuropeEach week I like to share an invaluable resource that has helped me in my genealogy endeavors.  The Family Tree Guidebook to Europe will help you chart your research course to find your European ancestors with the beginner-friendly, how-to instruction in this book. This one-of-a-kind collection provides extremely useful information about more than 35 countries in a single source. Each of the 14 chapters is devoted to a specific country or region of Europe and includes all the essential records and resources for filling in your family tree.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Specific online and print resources including 700 websites.
  • Contact information for more than 100 archives and libraries.
  • Help finding relevant records.
  • Traditions and historical events that may affect your family’s past.
  • Historical time lines and maps for each region and country.

Tracing your European ancestors can be a challenging voyage. This book will start you on the right path to identifying your roots and following your ancestors’ winding journey through history.

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