Genealogy Helps #11

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Researching ancestry is an exciting and fun pastime which many people are taking up thanks to the easy accessibility of records through the internet and other forms of research.

And with this great new book to help you, it has become easier still.  Genealogy Helps, Volume 11, is an amazing resource which will help you to find records in some amazing and unusual places, including;

  • How Did They End Up There?
  • Double Dating in Genealogy
  • 5 Frequently Asked Questions About Census Records
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Genealogy Research
  • 20 Surprisingly Handy Stocking Stuffers for Genealogist
  • Give Your Genealogy an Annual Checkup
  • Tips for Building a Flawless Family Tree
  • Tips for Doing Middle Name Research
  • And lots more…

There’s a whole lot more to researching a family tree than at first meets the eye.  Genealogy Helps, Volume 11 will show you what you should include when it comes to your research and why each individual thing goes towards making a complete picture for you.

This ebook is absolutely free of charge today, although you are welcome to give a donation of any amount you chose to help with future projects. Thank you so much!

About the author

Ancestral Findings

Will founded Ancestral Findings in 1995 and has been involved in genealogy research for over 24 years. The excitement begin when he started investigating the meaning of his Moneymaker surname.