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Genealogy Helps #1

From the US Civil War to Darth Vader’s Guide to genealogy, immerse yourself in research and find the hidden links to your family’s lineage with this amazingly exhaustive resource.

Genealogy Helps, Volume 1, can help you peel to back hundreds of years of past history with a range of eclectic ideas and historical information which is ideal for researching the past, and including ideas such as;

  • Famous Civil War battlefields
  • How the Seven Years War led to the American Revolution
  • Marriage research advice for beginners
  • Death Certificates: Your doorway to your ancestor’s lives
  • What to do when there are no records
  • Tips for researching British ancestors
  • Cemetery research advice for beginners

This is a superb ebook for beginners. There’s also advice on lineage societies and why you should join one, as well as dozens of remarkable and unusual ideas, like tax records, for getting to the truth of the matter.

This ebook is completely free to you today, although you are welcome to Donate any amount to help with future projects. Thank you so much!

Will Moneymaker founded Ancestral Findings back in 1995. He has been involved in genealogy research for over 20 years. The thrill of the hunt, the adventure, and the excitement begin when he started investigating the meaning of his surname. Why I Love Genealogy (And You Should, Too!)