Genealogy Helps #6

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Genealogy Helps #6, provides another dose of great ideas, interesting documents to research and the usual mix of ‘thinking outside of the box’ when it comes to looking into your genealogy or family tree.

It doesn’t just concentrate on the usual births, deaths and marriage registers we normally associate with when looking into the past, but also picks up on the more uncommon sources, and provides great ideas on things like;

  • How to research Irish records without crossing the Atlantic
  • 8 mistakes to avoid in your genealogy research
  • History of US passport applications
  • WWI draft cards, where to find them and what they can tell you
  • 10 tools for genealogy research that you never thought you’d need
  • The difference between wills and probate documents
  • Family history questions you may not have thought to ask
  • And much more…

Genealogy Helps #6 also gives you background information on a whole range of other interesting things.

This volume looks at what the French fur trade prior to American colonization, how our ancestors celebrated Halloween, how to organize family photos, and much more.