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Yohann Michael Wurm was born 3 Feb 1817 in Koenigsreich, Bayern, an der Aisch, which I believe to be just outside Nuremberg on the Aisch River. My father visited Nuremberg at the end of the War and saw the name Yohann Michael Wurm on a wooden arch at an entrance to the city. While not in honor of my great great grandfather, he was only 25 when he left for America, it tells me he was of an established family. John Michael passed 11 Feb 1867 in Westerville, Delaware County, Ohio. He and his family were founding members of Saint Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church. He and many of his family are buried in the Church Cemetery.

John Michael married Anna Margaretha Lehner (11 Dec 1819 – 4 Nov 1887) in 1837, likely in Markt Erlbach, which lies about 20 miles west of Nuremberg. Anna Margaretha is the daughter of Yohann Leonhardt Lehner. Her brother, ? Lehner, traveled at another time and settled in Northern Union County, Ohio which is about 50 miles north of Columbus. They left Markt Erlbach in 1842 and landed in Baltimore, Maryland July 4, 1842. By the Ships Records Anna Margaretha traveled under her maiden name, Lehner. Their names are listed consecutively in the record. They took the National Road or Route 40 to Columbus, Ohio and settled in German Village. The couple with several children appear in the 1850 Census on Front Street. The name is miss transcribed to Worm, if the document is examined closely it was written Wurm.

John Michaels trade was as a Stone Mason. The first work he was able to find was helping to construct the Ohio State House. The State House lies only a few blocks from where the family lived. In 1850 a Cholera Plague struck Columbus, killing a third of the population. The Wurm’s left that summer for Westerville, Ohio. Westerville proper lies in Franklin County as does Columbus. The Wurm’s settled on the Big Walnut Creek just north of the Delaware – Franklin County Line. My parents lived in the Homestead when I was born.

Ancestory.com shows John Michael to be the son of Nichalaus and Barbara Lauer Wurm. This seems possible, but I question their residence being at least a hundred miles west of Nuremberg in Bleibach, Emmendingem, Baden-Wurtemberg. In support of this relationship John Michael had a son named Yohann Nichalaus and a daughter named Barbara. But my great grandfather, John George Wurm was quoted in an 1800’s document as his father being born in Koenigsreich. I think the facts are wrong, somewhere.

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