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Genealogy Helps, Volume 5 — (Free eBook)

When it comes to researching family trees, tracing lineage and learning a little bit more of our amazing history, Genealogy Helps is at the forefront, helping you with endless ideas which are simple and back with another great ebook packed with simple and valuable tools to get you finding the ancestors you never knew you had.

Genealogy Helps, Volume 5, not only provides applicable information on where to look for your family but also gives you ideas on the more unusual aspects of tracing your lineage, with things like:

  • The best online resources for researching French ancestors
  • What is a Reasonable Conclusion in Genealogy?
  • The French and Native American Relations
  • Why Understanding Ancient Laws is Important in Genealogy
  • Oklahoma, the Natives, and US Settlement
  • What to Do if a Genealogical Record is Sealed
  • Guest Books: A Genealogical Treasure Trove
  • How to Find a Wife’s Name When it’s Not Obvious
  • And much, much more…

There will often come a time when tracing your family tree when the evidence dries up. It can be frustrating and annoying, to say the least, and when you encounter one brick wall there are often two or three others behind it.

Genealogy Helps, Volume 5 will help you to break through the barriers and find new ways around the obstacles you encounter, helping you to find the result you were hoping for and the family you never knew you had.

Get this 95-page ebook for today. I’ve set a minimum contribution to FREE and you’re welcome to give a donation of any amount. Thank you so much!

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