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Have You Visited Angel Island?

Have you visited Angel Island in San Francisco? What do you think about building a state park on an island with such a storied past?

Navy Before Country

The history of the U.S. Navy is longer than the history of the United States. It's even longer than the idea of the United States.

The History of Covered Bridges in America

The history of covered bridges in North America and the United States is a fascinating one. The bridges that remain are quite beloved and mostly protected. Here is the history of covered bridges in...

The Rise of Iconic U.S. Lighthouses

Lighthouses are an iconic part of Americana that have a rich history stemming back to ancient Egypt. Let me show you some of the history behind them!

Corning Glass and Your Family

Most of us know of Corning Glass as the makers of PYREX and CorningWare. However, Corning has a long, fascinating history of technological innovation.

Your Rebel Ancestors, Part Two: The Women

Just like the Puritan magistrates and ministers were against men wearing their hair long, they were also against the women wearing their hair elaborately. Anything other than a plain bun covered by a...

Were Your Ancestors Social Rebels?

Were your ancestor’s social rebels against societal convention? There was a time in early New England that the leaders did not want men wearing their hair long. They said it was ungodly. Plenty of...

The Ohio State Reformatory

From Civil War camps to modern filmmaking, the Ohio State Reformatory has a long, rich history. You can learn all about this Ohio historical landmark here!

The Origin of Mother’s Day

Are you curious as to how Mother's Day got started? The story is an interesting one. This is how the United States started officially honoring its mothers.

The History Behind the Dixie Terminal

The Dixie Terminal is one of Cincinnati’s best-kept secrets. Learn all about this landmark here — the architecture, the artwork, and of course, the history.

The Washington Monument: America’s Obelisk

The Washington Monument is a highly recognizable building that is practically synonymous with Washington, D.C. It is also a popular tourist attraction for those who are visiting the city. Here are...

The Empire State Building: A History

The Empire State Building is an iconic American building with enduring and enormous popularity. Built in the 1930s, it was the world’s tallest building for decades and is still a must-see NYC tourist...

Union Terminal in Cincinnati Ohio

Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio is a famous Art Deco building that has been used as a train station to varying amounts since the 1930’s. It is, perhaps, more famous for the museum that now takes...

Marblehead Lighthouse State Park

If you are looking for something historic, educational, and just plain fun for the whole family, consider a day out at Marblehead Lighthouse State Park. This park is centered around the historic...

A Closer Look at Prickett’s Fort State Park

Prickett’s Fort State Park is a wonderful historical resource to the state of West Virginia. It not only shows how life was like for English settlers on the West Virginian frontier in the 1700’s, it...

Dolly Parton: The Definitive Guide

Dolly Parton is one of the best-known country music entertainers of our time. However, she is much more than just a country music singer. From her humble beginnings, she has become a singer...

Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site

The Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site is a beautifully restored and maintained house museum dedicated to celebrating the 23rd US President. There is much to enjoy at this 1870’s-era home. Join me...

The History of the Merry-Go-Round Museum

Have you heard of the Merry-Go-Round Museum? Located in Sandusky, Ohio, this unique museum is the only place in the world known to solely celebrate the art and history of the merry-go-round. Here is...

Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio

Union Terminal in Cincinnati, Ohio is a famous Art Deco building that has been used as a train station to varying amounts since the 1930’s. It is, perhaps, more famous for the museum that now takes...

The Louisiana Purchase Controversy

The Louisiana Purchase doubled the size of the United States, & caused a lot of controversy for President Thomas Jefferson. Here's why it was controversial.

The Last Holdout of the Confederacy

Town Line is a tiny hamlet in upstate New York near the Canadian border that inexplicably voted to secede and join the Confederacy during the Civil War. No one knows why to this day. Here is the...

The Birth of Lincoln Logs

Have you ever played with Lincoln Logs? Did you ever wonder about their history? It is a long and fascinating one. Here's the story behind this popular toy.