Ursula Adams asked 7 months ago

I am trying to locate my mother\’s family lost during WWII. Erna Waltraut Konig born on 11/05/1925 in Goldap, Germany (now E. Prussia). Her parents were Mikal and Rosalia(Frank). Her older brothers went to war, Heinrich, Otto, Alfred and Albert. She lost track of her family when their family home was taken over and she escaped. She ended up in Schleissheim Displaced Persons Camp, met my father Viktor Chevtaikin and I was first born in Munich in 1948 and my brother in 1950. She tried sending letters but never heard from anyone so she never knew what happened to them. We got sponsorship by a friend in NY, USA and we arrived 2/22/1952. We have more family here in America now. Both my parents have passed away but I am still interested to know if we still have family in Germany or Europe. I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to get records as my parents had no records. Danke!

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