Joel Todd asked 3 years ago

Daniel Isham 1630-1693
Arrived in Virginia in 1652 aboard the “Bark Mayflower” (according to “Early Virginia Immigrants, 1623-1666” by George Cabell Greer, originally published in 1912). I do not know where the ship came from (presumably England), but cannot find any documentation of that. Son’s last name was spelled “Ison” and grandson’s last name was spelled “Eshom.”

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Debra answered 2 years ago

I have many Ishom names in my Peeples line and a couple in my Harris. It must have been a popular name. They too are supposed to have come from Britain. You might check immigration list name for the ship. Mine are said to be on list of the Winthrop fleet. Still haven’t seen the name myself. Don’t feel alone. I’m right there with you. Someone shows born in England but parent supposed to be in England and died over there. So much incorrect information out there.

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